Vessel Management

Special project “Problem Solving”

After a lifetime of sailing the northeastern coast of New Zealand Chad has a wealth of experience, both under sail and on launches. Whether you are contemplating a significant installation of, for example an engine, or a navigation system. Or you have just bought a new vessel and wanting to set it up to suit your life style and cruising or racing objectives, give Chad a call.

Restorations – In the extreme

If a full restoration of your classic is necessary, Chad has managed three major restorations and been involved in other refits. It is quite likely he has had to overcome the problems your are likely to experience.

Day to day management: Prize (forever), Tawera(2000-2002), and Lady Gay(2001-2010)

And once Chad has assisted in the project managing of restorations he has been retained to manage the vessel on an ongoing basis. While that in itself speaks well of the relationship he has developed with the owners, it also has given him a wide range of experiences, which will enhance the management of your vessel.